Monday, 4 August 2014

USA Day 7. Hello LA

Today wasn't necessarily the most interesting day to write about, but it was fun and my first day in LA! I woke up and checked out (not before managing to wake up everyone in my hostel room, despite attempting to be quiet) and caught a shuttle to the airport. Check in was smooth and before I knew it I was on my way to LA. From LAX I caught another shuttle to union station.

The drive from LAX to Union Station deserves a little mention, the driver was utterly crazy. It was one of those vans that picks up a couple of people at the airport and then drops them all over town well this driver had a screw loose. Ignoring the insane driving (I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it) a guy managed to just jump off at his stop without paying, and the driver didn’t even notice. In fact 10 minutes later when we’re down the road he screeches the breaks yelling at me and the 3 other passengers that 2 people not just the one girl (who he saw and made pay) were supposed to get off at that stop. When we finally convinced him none of us wanted to get off there and that 2 people had in fact gotten off there did he drive on.

Then after getting a suitcase out for a woman he drove down the FREEWAY with the backdoors wide open! It’s a miracle that we all survived and we didn’t lose any luggage! He was also pretty grumpy I didn’t have exact change..

Anyhow I got to Union Station alive, and spent the next hour or so in Starbucks attempting to cool myself down since the building didn’t have air con and it was beautifully hot in LA.

Damien arrived and we then set about figuring out the metro system to get to our hotel, it looks pretty simple so we’ll definitely be making use of them! That’s it for today – tomorrow we’re off to the beach!

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