Monday, 4 August 2014

USA Day 6. Lombard Street

Today after a yummy bagel for breakfast (they really do Bagels all the time here) I set off the see the decidedly quirky Lombard Street! The Street itself is actually really long, but one particular section is pretty… different.
 I only realised when I got to the top of the hill but if I'd just gone one street over I'd have been able to miss a lot of the steep inclines - ah well you live and learn. All I can say is my legs got a bit of a work out today and I finally instant SF's reputation for being hilly!
 A beautiful church commanding the top of one of the hill
(one of my favourite photos of SF so far)
 Looking down from one of the hills - got to say the weather was beautiful and the views down the streets from the tops of the hills more than made up for the walk up!
 San Francisco is just such a beautiful city in the sun - all the pastel houses and quirky details!
 Looking out to the Bay Bridge!
 You can just see Telegraph hill and the tower that often dominates the skyline away from downtown
 And I finally got to Lombard Street!
 As you can see it's fully functional, people live up here and park their cars and plenty of tourists queue to be able to drive down it's crazy bends!
 personally one of my favourite bits was the view after climbing the steps!
 After seeing the quirky road and the view I headed back down to the Bay - and was rewarded to lovely glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge on my way down!

 After climbing all those hills I was more than ready for a Ben and Jerry's ice cream (I am definitely abusing the fact they have stores here) and relaxed by the waterfront
Where I sat looking out with my ice cream
as I was daydreaming I spotted this little guy! A Sealion just bobbing his head above the water!
 After feeling suitably baked I set off to Fort Mason Meadow
 Something about this building perched on the cliff really entranced me, 'Hour of Days'. I just love it. 
 Looking out to Alcatraz 
 Walking up to the Meadow through the trees
 The beautiful grassy area where I inevitably lounged around for a lot longer than planned watching some impressive kite-flying!
 After pottering about up on the hill by the Meadow I couldn't really be bothered to do the walk back to my hostel and Downtown so I was going to catch the Cable car but this was the site I got! A massive queue wrapping all the way around the street. 
 I figured I'd walk back since it was a gorgeous day and save the Cable Car ride for another time!
 As it was a saw this super quirky house on the way back!
So now I'm back in the hostel packing things up to ship out tomorrow! So excited to get to LA - fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and we both get to Union Station OK!! 

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