Friday, 22 August 2014

Canada Day 1. Toronto Chinatown

So… I'm in another country… again!

I was really tired together so i had a long relaxed morning. The hostel offers free breakfast and when I went down to get it, it was only PANCAKES AND MAPLE SYRUP! How Canadian can you get??

After my super canadian breakfast I decided to just wander about the local area with the intention of finding Chinatown for some dinner later on.
 Now in my defence for getting a 'little' lost my map was ridiculous. It only had a handful of roads on it so I couldn't really figure out where I was meant to be! Once I decided to ignore the map though I figured out where I was quite quickly (I've replaced the map with a much better one now)
 On the plus side wandering about aimlessly certainly helped me get a better idea of the layout of the city so I shouldn't get lost in future!
 The famous CN Tower from Downtown
 There were a couple of really pretty streets dotted around the city. This is what I see when I leave my hostel, cute red brick buildings with the Toronto Skyscapers as the backdrop
 So I made me way to Chinatown. I don't know what it is about different Chinatowns but I just can't resist going and seeing them in each big city. Toronto's definitely wasn't my favourite, nor the most vibrant, but it was still fun to potter about the little shops
 There were your standard 'everything' stores that literally sell a little bit of everything
 and then there were your fruit and veg shops (which always tempt me with their exotic looking fruits)
 and of course you have your dried 'things' shops.. the ones where Im usually scared to asks what it is 

 There were also a couple of these bakeries which are growing in popularity. I first saw some in Singapore but I've seen then more and more in different Chinatowns where you basically just go in and pick what you want before queuing up to pay - a much better system than most bakeries I think!
 I obviously picked up a steam bun… or two!

 And there were a few clothes shops dotted about as well. With a hoard of tourists picking up the 'i <3 Toronto Tshirts'!

 beautiful pants….
 There's just something about Chinatowns I really love, wandering their streets is such a fun experience!
 I also popped into this Dragon City Mall which was fun!
Toronto is a city of districts and I'm really looking forward to exploring more of them tomorrow. But for today I was content to just potter about and sleep!

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