Friday, 22 August 2014

Canada Day 4. A Hazy Shopping Day

I’ll be honest with you here, today was quite simply spent being hungover.

A nice drink in a lounge with Johnny turned into several drinks in several lounges and pubs. So I wasn’t feeling up to tackling anything other than simple tasks today, namely laundry, packing and booking my bus and somewhere to stay in Montreal. I did pop to The Eaton Shopping Centre in the afternoon as I wanted to look around the ‘Canada famous’ mall and I figured I could do that much without falling over.

A lot of the day was also spent nursing my camera as it’s not handling the amount of water exposure it received at Niagara very well – much like how my head wasn’t handling the bottle of champagne we finished the evening on.

So aside from being utterly sleep deprived (I climbed into my bunk bed, without falling I might add, at 5am and I’m having to wake up at 5am tomorrow morning to catch my bus to Montreal) Canada is treating me quite well!

Fingers crossed my camera magically starts working though!

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