Friday, 22 August 2014

Canada Day 2. Western Districts

As I mentioned yesterday Toronto is just a mass of different districts and as times gone on they've all kinda merged - or at the very least the edges have become blurred! So I wandered around the Western Districts today but it was pretty difficult to say when exactly one stopped and another began!
That was part of the fun though as no area is completely 'chinese' or completely 'italian' they all have an eclectic mix all of their own!
 I started off by exploring a bit of the Fashion District, which was interesting as it was all smaller boutiques and quirky clothes shop! I was expecting just the big chains so it was a nice surprise

 There were these giant thimbles and buttons dotted about which i thought was a cute touch!
 See what I mean about random little stores? A hat shop! I'm not sure Ive ever actually seen a hat shop in person before!
 From the Fashion District I cut up through Chinatown to Little Italy
 It was a lovely little street and although there are still elements of it's italian heritage its mainly a row filled with cafes and restaurants and all things food! Which I was happy about since they only had bagels for breakfast this morning (so I didn't partake… bleh)
 There were also lots of leafy green streets lining the main road of Little Italy which was pretty
 And there were tons of vegetarian places!
 Including a vegetarian butchers! I obviously had to go in and check it out, and I ended up leaving with a 'no pork pulled pork sandwich'! Everything was vegan and it was delicious!
(bacon bits! which are actually flavoured coconut!!)
 I also popped through Little Portugal!
before getting distracted by Trinity Bellwoods - which was just a lovely park and while I walked under the shade of the leafy trees the weather magically picked up! (it was already quite hot but now I had some blue skies to match the temperature)
 I have to say the northern part wasn't too impressive but the further south you walk in the park the prettier it gets

 I swear this was a BLACK squirrel! you can't really tell here since it jumped in the shade when I took the photo but I was intrigued! I'd never heard of black squirrels, just red and grey!
From here I walked along West Queens Street, which is definitely one of my favourite areas, back to Downtown 
 But obviously I had to wander around Kensington Market  on the way!

 I really loved the shops around this area, they were all so different and quirky!

 There were also an absolute ton of 'vintage' clothes shops, I couldn't resist popping into a few but they were a little daunting to be honest! You'd definitely need to set some time aside
 Loved the name of this 'bookshop'

 Downtown kind of merges with the Discovery District, which is basically the historical buildings of interest in the city and was a very lovely area to spend some time as the sun was just starting to set

 The best thing about travelling in summer is the long days, I always feel like I manage to fit so much in when the days are light well into the evening!
 Some lovely little restaurants hidden away in the very heart of downtown!
One of the main sopping streets in Downtown Toronto
Today has been pretty packed, I managed to get to the Fashion District, Little Italy, Kensington Market, Little Portugal, West Queens Street, Downtown and the Discovery District! 

As fun as today has been I cannot wait for what I have booked for tomorrow!!

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