Saturday, 9 August 2014

USA Day 17. Golden Gate Park

So today I hopped on a bus (after running around trying to find a timetable and get the exact change since drivers don't give change on buses here) and headed over to Golden Gate Park.
I was planning to walk there like I have everywhere else but it was 4.5miles from where I was staying and judging from what I read it would be 4 miles uphill… and then the park itself is huge, so all in all I couldn't be bothered. And the bus was only $2 each way!

So after walking up a weird path (think i just picked a bad entrance to the park) I found myself at the conservatory of flowers! I didn't pay to go in but I did get to wander around the gardens which had a big enough selection of flowers to keep me happy!
 These were possible my favourite!

 The flower gardens were lovely and it was here I decided to have my lunch (an idea lots of other people seemed to have as well!
 My picnic spot!
 Just a picture of my and the conservatory!
 I wandered around for maybe an hour or so to get my bearings before attempting to actually find what I wanted, as the park is really big and the roads and paths don't make much sense and definitely don't resemble the map! First up was Shakespeare Garden
It was actually pretty tiny but I loved it nevertheless!
 Oh and wandering around I often stumbled across these signs!?

 I wandered all around the park and despite the weather looking really gloomy it was pleasantly warm!

 Japanese Gardens
 I thought I'd rest my weary feet for a few minutes here and no more than 5 minutes later I get approached for a survey - I've done 5 surveys since I got to America!?
 This was my last view of the park before I jumped back on the bus to downtown. A homeless man attempted to have a conversation with me the entire ride back to central so the bus journey was fun. Once I got back into Downtown the sun had well and truly come out so I opted to sit in Union Square and read in the sunshine

 It's a really popular spot to laze about as it's beautifully landscaped and in the very middle of Downtown

I did pop into Macy's (a department store) to browse the cosmetics hall and long story short a make up artist ended up doing my make up. Since I wasn't going anywhere and it was going to be washed off in about an hour I figured I should at least take a photo!
Anyway that's it for today tomorrow, can't believe my time in San Francisco is nearly up!

(& I'll be up to date posting these soon (hopefully)

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