Wednesday, 6 August 2014

USA Day 13. Cable Car.

I figured I should start my time off with doing the most touristy thing possible - and something you definitely can't leave San Francisco without doing - riding the infamous Cable Cars!
I figured I'd save my legs the hour long journey and simply hop on the Cable Car up to the north to hunt down a location from Princess Diaries (don't judge)
 It started out pretty gloomy when I was queuing up to get on the Cable Car - but seeing them turn the cable cars around was kinda cool at the bottom of Powell rd. The car goes onto a wooden platform that the conductors then turn!
 I was actually pretty impressed with the cable car as it chugged up all the ridiculously steep hills without much hassle - aside from when a Fed ex truck stopped in front of us in the middle of a hill which meant we had to roll backwards down the hill to then attempt to climb it again!

I didn't get any photos while riding the car sadly as it was crammed full. But the conductor decided I needed some photos of me on the car and took a couple of me up the front before introducing me to 5 other conductors as his new wife… standard.
 The weather massively picked up by the time I got up to the Marina with gorgeous skies!
 There was no way I was going to be queuing up for the cable car back though! It took me over an hour and a half to get on, and I didn't fancy spending another hour and a half in direct sun waiting!
 Instead I strolled about the front and the embarcadero and attempted to hunt down a particular old game that I wanted to play (ok, so I only wanted to play it because it was featured in Princess Diaries..)
 I knew the Musee Mecanique (where the game was meant to be) was along one of the piers, so I just strolled along all the little ones!
 and, I think, got a few cool photos for my hassle

 I did eventually find it! And I may have been a little too excited to finally get to use all the quarters I'd saved up to play the games!
 (this was just a minor one I wanted to see)
 But this one was the star attraction! If you've watched Princess Diaries you'll recognise it - I had a go and failed, miserably but it was fun to give it a go!
 The it was back through fisherman's wharf with all the crabs, and I couldn't resist picking up some chowder in a traditional San Francisco Sourdough Bread Bowl - and it was yummy

 Not as many photos as usual today, I mainly just pottered about and enjoyed the sun before coming back to the hostel and booking my flight to LA (I need to fly back to LA to catch my flight to NYC). I was holding off booking it because I really didn't want to spend that much but the train took 32hrs whereas the flight took an hour and a half. Plus I've already paid for my nights accommodation here so I didn't want to lose it. 

In the end it cost me even more because I waited (typical) and I have to wake up at 4am on Friday and I don't land in NYC until 9pm - so that sounds like it's going to be a wonderful fun-packed day!

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