Saturday, 30 August 2014

Iceland Day 1. Reykjavik

After some drama with my bank - yes I know, again. 

I paid for my accommodation, stored my luggage and set out to wander about the city. 
Although it's summer it was pretty drizzly, but I guess I should get used to that before coming back to the UK!
 This is the hostel cat who was dozing in reception when I checked in - complete cutie and just loved getting paid attention! :)
Reykjavik shopping was really fun, there were lots of touristy shops offering tax and cut free bits and pieces, as well as quite a few selling souvenirs. 
 But what I loved most was the great blend between modern european sleek designate that was really reflective of nordic style (think norway, sweden and finland), with traditional elements of Icelandic tradition 
There were quite a few of these big polar bears outside a couple of shops in town!
 I loved these graphic, almost boutique, shops - the downside was I wanted to buy everything!
These are a well known 'landmark' for Reykjavik!
 After wandering the streets for a bit I decided to treat myself to brunch in the oldest cafe in Reykjavik!
 Since I'd been awake ridiculously long I ordered the 'Hangover Sandwich' as I was feeling a bit hungover from lack of sleep! 
 Reykjavik is ridiculously expensive, so I'm not going to mention how much this cost, but it was a lovely treat to read my book (pride and prejudice) in the warmth before venturing out into the rain!
 I really, really liked Reykjavik with all the different restaurants and shops - it just had such a unique character and feel to it!
 This cafe had an interesting board outside!

 I think the Iclandic accent adds to me liking the city so much - it's just hilarious!

 After spending some time at the city I headed to the Marina and to the view point out over the bay
 There was this particular view point with a lovely feature, I think it's really appropriate to the Iceland's history as I thought it was a great mix of a viking boat, the nordic history as well as the reliance on fishing to survive!
 The view out over the bay was really lovely from this spot too
 random tie mural!
 All the streets in Reykjavik are just adorable as the majority of houses are painted such lovely pretty colours that they brighten the place up regardless of the weather!
 after spending quite a lot of time in Reykjavik I headed back to the hostel to the lovely hostel garden where I sampled some Icelandic sweets which were… interesting!
 I finally got into my room and was pleasantly surprised to find my 'dorm' only had one other person! Makes me feel a bit better about how much I'm paying! 

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