Saturday, 9 August 2014

USA Day 18. San Francisco Chinatown

I've walked through Chinatown most days since I've been in San Francisco but I thought I'd dedicate today's post to the thriving couple of streets that make up the ethnic enclave!
 This morning I wandered directly into the heart of the Financial district as this was an area I'd cut through plenty of times, and stared at the buildings an awful lot but I never really explored it. I mean to be fair it's mainly just coffee shops and banks, but still I thought it deserved a proper perusal 
 Turns out there's actually quite a few shops, i suppose to target people on their lunch breaks or after a long day stuck in an office! I love looking up and seeing a layered view of different buildings from different eras like this

 The 'famous' Tranamerica Pyramid 
Anyway, onto Chinatown! This is the gate that leads you through to the main street but there's lots of side streets that all make up 'chinatown' 
 Most of the corner buildings had some more traditional chinese architecture which I really liked 
 There's obviously all the standard cheesy touristy shops at the beginning of Chinatown (I think that's just a unanimous thing Chinatown's have across the world' but once you get past that there were lots of authentic shops selling all sorts of Chinese bits and pieces 
 It was also really busy!
 right in the middle of china town is this church that survived some pretty serious earthquakes too

 Something about the lanterns found in Chinatowns just 'amps' up the feel of shopping there!

 One of my favourite things to browse were the Chinese Bakeries, I gave a Chinese pancake a go and it was… interesting. And a once in a lifetime experience because I won't be having another!
 dispersed around Chinatown were musicians playing traditional chinese instruments which really added to the bustling atmosphere!
 A massive tea shop! There were even more different types of tea in a room to the rear 
 Just a quick update really, as I spent the day pottering about Chinatown, doing some reading and booking my flight down to LA for Friday so I can catch my flight to NYC

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