Friday, 22 August 2014

Canada Day 5. Into Montreal

I vastly underestimated just how ‘french’ Montreal would be! I knew French was the first language of most people but now I’m here it’s really hit – all the signs are in French, and all the menus so going out to get something for lunch was fun!

Today has been pretty mixed so far. I woke up ridiculously early, but checking out went fine. And despite having to lug my suitcase half an hour to the bus stop, where my internal dialogue would have certainly made a grown man blush at the number of profanities… I managed to get a window seat, and the 6hr journey went fairly quickly. 

However, when the driver took my suitcase off the bus he slammed it down on a loose slab and one of the wheels ‘popped’ off. I’d already been thinking it would be wise to catch a taxi as it was a 45minute walk uphill to the hostel, but the lack of a wheel cemented getting a cab.

Sometimes you just need to rant and moan, and that’s pretty much all I did when I skyped mum earlier today but it was exactly what the doctor ordered and I just felt ‘better’ after moaning for half an hour about my suitcase (which I’ve no idea how to fix) and my camera (which I’ve also got no idea how to fix) and general lack of sleep (which is really hard to fix in a hostel).

I basically just spent the day pottering about the hostel, looking over my photos (which I haven’t had time to do for over a week) talking to friends online and just generally doing very little other than enjoying the sun and relaxing!

I'm sure i'll have more exciting things to ramble on about soon!

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