Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Canada Day 8. Plateau Mont-Royal & Parc La Fontaine

After several hours, some serious ingenuity, tweezers, several drawings, and stress my camera is back up and running!!
I started out today was heading to the east of the hostel to Parc La Fontaine. Which was a very quiet and beautiful little park that isn't really visited my tourists all that much and as such gives you a much better idea of what the locals do in their spare time!  
The lakes were a gorgeous blue and the weather was simply beautiful 
There was also a lot of wildlife! Tons of ducks and pigeons, and more squirrels than I've ever seen!
Look at this cutie!
It was a lovely way to start off the day just walking through the trees around the lakes.
After spending a good chunk of the morning at the park I set off to Plateau Mont-Royal which is basically a few streets dedicated to boutiques, restaurants and cafes. 
I'd walked past it the day before but I didn't detour as I wanted to do some other bits and pieces but it's a really lovely area and I completely get why it's a local favourite!
There was some pretty cool and vibrant graffiti artwork on the sides of several buildings in this area too
The streets are incredibly french and the atmosphere is very central european so it was really nice to spend some time here. 
it was just such a pretty area to wander around
I stumbled across a mini park down one road too which wasn't on my map but was a very pleasant surprise as the shade offered some respite from the sunshine!

Several of the cafes had traditional french cuisine and all the menus were in french! It really felt like I wasn't in North America anymore. And I understand why it's considered quite separate to the rest of Canada as theres definitely a lot of pride in their heritage here I think 
When I left the restaurant section I pottered in the local shops, and this bookstore featured an adorable, and quirky, feature! He was say there in the sunshine the whole time I walked up and down the street, and seemed quite happy to soak up the sun and have the occasional passerby stroke him
This shop stood out with its craziness, but the sweets themselves looked really good
even more artwork!
I really liked Plateau Mont Royal as every single shop had something different to offer and, not for the first time, I wish I could have bought everything! I'm definitely going to be stopping by here when I can  - it's just a lovely place to spend an hour or so people watching with a drink, or to stop by for lunch!

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