Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Canada Day 9. Underground City

Today was a lot cloudier today (although not much cooler) but that actually worked out pretty well since I was planning to enter the Underground City! Basically, there are miles and miles of shopping centres and tunnels running underneath Monteal 
Because there is so much snow and it gets so incredibly cold here in winter it's impossible to shop outside, it'd just be too dangerous. So they have 4 or 5 big shopping centres entirely underground and then there's connecting passages from one mall to another.
It's surprising the different shops they have as you really can find just about everything you need!
This one was called Complexe Desjardins and was one of the smallest!
After a lot of window shopping (got to keep an eye on that baggage weight allowance) I headed out down Sainte Catherine to the film festival that's being held. Since the films were all in french though i didn't exactly linger!
As I was heading back to the hostel I passed Plateau Mont Royal and saw there was a big street market going on! So I obviously detoured!
Almost every shop and cafe on the street had their own stall out which was really lovely as there was a definite atmosphere of neighbours doing the fair together

I had to take a photo when I saw this!
Turns out it was Mix Arts festival, which made sense as there was a little bit of everything 
There were also some really good sales with some of the boutiques having  40% off sales (so tempting)
I settled with buying a mango cut into the shape of a flower instead!

Apparently it's on for a few days so I'm definitely going to stop by tomorrow for dinner as the paella and some of the japanese food looked amazing!

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