Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Canada Day 6. Broken Camera

So I have absolutely no photos to share today as my camera simple isn't co operating. 

As usual on my first day I decided to spend it simply wandering, slightly aimlessly, around the area so I have my bearings for the rest of the week. I wandered into downtown and around the parks of central Montreal. 

I did debate about buying another camera but, honestly, I don't want to. If I buy another camera I'd like it to be an upgrade and not just something bought on a whim of desperation. However if I can't get it to work by tomorrow (i am a plan of action for this evening) then I think I might have to buy another camera - I can't leave Montreal and then Iceland without having a single photo!

Also it kinda feels like I'm missing a limb without my camera!

Fingers crossed my plan for fixing my camera works, because if not my lovely DSLR photos will be replaced with 16megapixel point and shoot mechanics. I know, the horror.

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