Friday, 29 August 2014

Canada Day 12. On the Road Again

I woke up bright and early (ish) in my room all to myself (which is seriously a novel luxury right now) and after getting my free breakfast (which led me to the conclusion that all things artificially sweetened before midday makes me nauseous) I checked out and stored my luggage in the storage room so I could head out and enjoy my last few hours in Canada!
The view from my window this morning!
I had a few 'errands' I wanted to run before leaving North America but they were all done and dusted within half an hour. But the Busker's fair was still on so I ended up spending a few hours wandering up and down the stalls and watching the crazy performers!
I did originally plan to head down to the lakefront but I was enjoying the fair too much I decided to stay and make the most of it instead!

There were ton of acts you could watch, from dancers to magicians to singers as well as a few acrobatic performances - most of them were really good too!
I also had my eye on one of these onion things! Think Onion rings but better - much better!
 I couldn't resist popping into Tim Horton's for the last time since it's such a Canadian thing to do!
So, at about 4 I went back to the hostel, picked up my suitcase and caught a taxi to the airport. Now the driver told me my airline was at Terminal 1 so that's where he left me. Quick look at the board showed no mention of my flight, a phone call at the information desk later, and I realised I was at the wrong Terminal. Cue an hours walk, a train ride, 3 escalators and 2 lifts, I was at the right Terminal!

I was at the front of the queue (eager beaver) but they weren't checking anyone in until after the 3hr recommended time slot (talking to the other people int he queue who had flown with them before, we think this is down to the orange alert for the Volcano). Once I checked in I bought a ridiculously expensive sandwich (don't even ask how much) and pottered around the pitiful duty free selection

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Now it's standard airplane etiquette that if you're sat in the aisle seat and your partner the middle, and the person allocated the window seat comes down with a big bag, you stand up and set out of the way so they can sit down… Apparently the two people on my row didn't get the memo.

And even after asking them if they could let me through, all I got was the man moving his book and jacket off my seat…

And after asked a third time, explicitly, for them to get up so I could get in, I got nothing more than a shuffling of knees… Now we were in the exit row. Which generally means more leg room so that wouldn't be a problem. But we were on a tiny flight so the leg room was perhaps an inch more than everyone else. And I knew they could stand up, and i knew they could understand because you have to be capable of them to sit in an exit row… not the best start.

And to keep this short, I proceeded to get elbowed and kicked most of the flight because the guy decided he not only wanted the entire armrest to himself but he wanted a good couple of inches on my seat too. Oh and the leg room clearly wasn't enough for him (despite him being shorter than me) so he constantly stretched out his legs into my leg space.

Needless to say what was meant to be a relaxing 6hours flight where I could sleep turned into an awful flight with absolutely no sleep.

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