Monday, 11 August 2014

USA Day 20. Flying into NYC

So another day of travelling. I had to get up at 4. 4am. So today has been operated on my very little sleep since one guy in my hostel room had a cold and snored all night, while another talks in his sleep. So I wasn’t quite feeling as ‘fresh as a daisy’ when my alarm went off!

And aside from some hiccups with getting my luggage sent to NYC, and a boarding pass not existing for me in LAX it wasn’t going too badly. Having to ring up 3 different people to sort it out didn’t sleep like too much of a big deal. The bummer came when I realised I was sitting next to a woman with a baby on her lap. And it gets better, not just a toddler but an 8month year old. And, and there’s not just one – there’s two! Twins. Wonderful.

According to half the plane (who all seem to have walked past) they’re adorable… Think I might be looking at something different… drool isn’t ‘precious’ in my book…

Also I had a feeling the food situation might be different on US domestic flights, turns out I was right. They have complimentary soft drinks, like they do on the short flights, but if you want food or to watch movie you have to pay. Not particularly surprised. I debated about buying something at LAX but the cheapest sandwich I saw was $12!

Anyway we landed 40minutes early (?!) so by the time I collected my bags it was on 9pm. I booked a place on the shuttle using the Airport phones, and began in my naivety a mammoth journey. Basically with the traffic JFK is miles away from Manhattan. 

Want to know what time I actually got to my hostel? I was picked up at 9:30, I arrived at midnight. By the time I'd showered and climbed (literarily since i'm on the top bunk) into bed it was 1am. And the air conditioning wasn't working. And two girls snored…  Oh well -  I'm in NEW YORK!!

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