Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Canada Day 7. Downtown Montreal

So my camera isn't 100%. Far from it. But i managed to get it working for a while today so I actually have some (vaguely) interesting things for you to look at!
A lot of my cycle in Montreal and I actually think this statue is pretty fitting with the watery/icy reflection contrasting with the burnished warmth of Montreal cycling in summer!  
It really is so nice to have old buildings dotted about inconsequentially after NZ!
Did I mention Montreal are big on their bikes?
I basically just wandered into Downtown Montreal today, I popped into a handful of the beautiful churches and into a couple of the stores to window shop but my camera died halfway through the day so you're getting a bit of a random selections!
There really were some lovely churches in the heart of the city. 
And weirdly at lunch time everyone went and sat on the church grass to have their lunch!
There was a bit of a protest of the gaza strip, although I think it was more about handing out leaflets than an actual protest (all the leaflets were in french so I can't really be sure!)
One of the most beautiful churches I stopped to visit
There were also quite a few green spaces tucked between the skyscrapers which was nice - I guess Montreal tries to make the most of its summers since its winters are so snow-filled!

Montreal really is a very beautiful city - It'd be interesting to see it in winter actually since there were trees and greenery everywhere in Montreal 

And it was in the park my camera fell apart for the day. It worked out quite well though since after reading in the park I headed into a few shops so I wouldn't have taken anything very interesting!

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