Friday, 25 July 2014

USA Day 3. Flying over the Desert

So today I woke up ridiculously early (again) jumped in a taxi and set off to the airport. Everything went surprisingly well! My suitcase was a pound under the weight limit (something I was worried about since I was wearing lighter clothes), and check in was all good. I had a middle seat for the second leg of my journey but changing seats on American flights seems like its a lot more hassle here so I didn't bother attempting to change it.

While waiting for my flight to board an older gentleman came up to me and asked if I minded to a verbal survey on the airport - which was strangely nice as since I've spent so much time in airports I feel like I know what makes a good one! Anyway turns out he has a great granddaughter called Rachel and used to work at the hotel I had stayed at!

The flight was bumpy! Apparently the hot air makes turbulence pretty bad, and it was definitely one of the more unpleasant flights, and I was incredibly glad I'd missed breakfast…

I wish I had had a window seat as leaving Vegas and arriving in Phoenix were incredible views! They're both massive sprawling cities situated in the heart of a desert. it's craziness.

Just walking from the aeroplane to the airport in Phoenix was hell - I've no idea how Caitlin (or anyone) manages, never mind chooses, to live in such a crazy hot place! Again the flight from Phoenix to San Francisco was pretty horrid. But all in all I was only flying for like 4 hours so I can deal with that. And then it was all smooth sailing to get to the hotel!

Although the taxi driver did make a few phone calls and attempted to write down a number on a pad of paper while driving… San Fran is so much cooler than Vegas or Phoenix - it's around 27c but compared to the crazy temperatures of the desert that is complete bliss!

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