Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 20 Maori Rock Carvings

So, I was told by a few people that the waves on a lake are very different to those found at sea, and despite Lake Taupo being the size of Singapore Island (a fact I still can’t quite wrap my head around) people never get sea sick out there… Now apparently sea sickness is caused by having sensitive ‘inner ears’, what ever that means. All I can say to that is my inner ear definitely wasn’t happy and certainly didn’t care whether we were on a lake or at sea – cue 2hours of being nauseated.

Today was definitely the coolest day since I set out on my travels, but the sky was clear so I could deal with having to throw on an extra layer!
 Free hot chocolate and a biscuit when we set out on the ship!
 Hopefully you can see just how incredibly clear the water of the lake was! Look how far from shore we are and yet I can still see the bottom!!
 Looking back over Taupo
 The water was also an incredible blue 
 Sailing boat along the northern shore
 Windswept me
 The Maori Rock Carvings!!
 They were definitely impressive and I'm so glad I made the time to get out on the boat and see them - despite hating the feeling of being on a boat
 Once I got back onto dry land I decided to walk around the lake and get a few last photos
It was just the perfect ending to my time in Taupo as the weather picked up and I had blue skies all day
The smelly boys have moved out, so I’m hoping I’ll get a full nights sleep (they didn’t seem capable of whispering, it was honestly the weirdest thing – 4am and they’d wake each other up to talk about something and despite there being 3 other people asleep they would talk really loudly?). So far I’ve got the room to myself so that’ll be nice!

P.S. I’m going to take advantage of being back in Hamilton tomorrow and download a lot of reading – I really need to get cracking on my dissertation

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