Wednesday, 23 July 2014


So, I’ve jumped back in time – leaving NZ on Sunday afternoon and arriving in the French Polynesia on Saturday evening! The benefits of hopping over the date line!

Checking into my hotel I’ve never felt so symaltaneously poor and posh. My room is so lovely and the ocean view is just amazing! Oh and there’s a bath tub – it’s such a little thing but I can’t remember the last time I had a bubble bath!
Getting here was super easy, I got greeted in French and given a white flower to put in my hair when I boarded the plane and was welcomed into the French Polynesia with singers and dancers! Which definitely put me in the holiday mood!
Although, the flight entertainment was seriously lacking. 6 films, all being played at the same time, 3 with an English option… and they were a little rubbish and were played on repeat. I can’t really complain though!

The last few days have been hard, emotionally. I’ve been forced to throw away well loved clothes because of the tight weight limit in the states! It’s been heart breaking I tell you! Oh and saying goodbye to some amazing friends with no idea when I’ll next get to see them hasn’t been great either.

For now I’m off to sleep in lovely posh room having just had a super relaxing bubble bath!

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