Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 11 Loft 109

A day of rest of rest has done my ankle the world of good, I managed to hobble down to breakfast, and make my way over to the library, with all my stuff, without too much hassle!

After catching the bus to Ngatea (however you think that’s pronounced, you’re probably wrong! Nar-Tee-Ah) where I chatted to a Canadian whose family is from Glasgow. Then I caught another bus to Tauranga (which is where I am right now). We got here a fair bit later than planned because the bus wasn’t feeling too happy. The air-con was playing up so the windows were majorly steamed up, but the worrying bit was where we had to pull over to the side of the road a few times because we ‘lost’ a gear. First it was 5th gear, 20 minutes later 7th went, then it was 3rd… now I don't really know what that means, but basically we couldn’t go very fast. But we did make it in one piece!
One of the many little balconies dotted around the hostel 

I walked straight past the hostel as it’s one of those situated above shops, so on the ground level there's just a doorway leading to some stairs. It’s also a lot closer to the centre than I originally thought (which is always nice). And it’s next to a Japanese restaurant that’s really good – I’ve just got back from treating myself to Tofu Teriyaki Don!
Oh and as the hostel's name suggests, my room is up 3 flights of stairs - which my ankle is just loving

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