Thursday, 24 July 2014


Today was truly spent as a lady of Leisure!

The day began with a luxurious bubble bath before I skyped mum to reassure her I was in fact alive. Afterwards I enjoyed the ocean view by drinking my coffee on the balcony.  Before wandering downstairs to the beach where I proceeded to spend the day swimming in the warm pacific ocean and basking in the sunshine! 
 Enjoying the view in the morning!

 The boiling hot sand I had to hop across!
 Where I spent the majority of my day!
 A guy laying guitar as the sun set!

 Coconut tree!
I’ve never understood how people could spend the whole day on the beach, as I always got bored after an hour or so – that is until today! Tahiti is just an amazing tropical island that I’ve fallen in love with!

I finished off the day by watching the gorgeous sunset on my balcony before going down to the restaurant to treat myself to something yummy. I decided to brave the Polynesian Journey – a selection of raw fish salads.
My view while I had dinner!
The server actually triple checked that was in fact what I wanted, but I figured when in Rome!
So, long story short I discovered I really love the taste of raw fish, however I severely dislike the texture… really really dislike the texture!
I definitely think my ‘exotica’ cocktail may have had something to do being able to stomach it!

All in all today has simply been a treat day!

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