Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 18 Skydiving!

Just like when I did my Bungy Jump, I’m mainly just going to let the pictures talk for themselves, but I have to say it was absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve done to date.

I think we probably use words like ‘awesome’ and ‘incredible’ and ‘breath-taking’ way too much– I mean how many times has something actually taken your breath away or been completely awe inspiring? Well I can safely say all those words really do fit what my skydive experience. It was spectacular.
I’m also going to through it out there, that skdiving was absolutely nothing like Bungy Jumping. Nothing. Alike. At. All.

Bungy jumping is simply terrifying, as you’re basically hurtling towards the ground and you definitely think you’re going to die (it passes your mind at least once!) and you get a massive adrenaline rush because of it (to the point your legs are wobbling around like crazy)
Skyidiving really wasn’t like that at all. Because we were so high up (FIFTEEN THOUSAND FEET to be precise) it really feels more like you’re flying rather than falling…. And the view! Oh my gosh, the view was stunning.
Also, just going to point out, I didn’t scream at all during the skydive! I think part of that was my brain going into shock… but mostly I think it’s because I didn’t really feel scared. Which is definitely, in no small part, due to the amazing instructor/jump buddy, who was very capable!
The actual jumping out the plane was amazing, and the feeling of falling so far so fast was impossible to forget, but the best bit for me I think was once we whipped out the parachute. It was truly surreal, we even blew through a cloud! It was so so so fantastic and I’m so very glad I did it.

So, thanks mum! You didn’t know this is what the Birthday money was going on, but I think it was well and truly well spent!

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