Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 12 Tauranga

Today was a blustery and chilly day in Tauranga. It’s pretty small (well, it’s a big for NZ) but I dedicated today to wandering it’s streets and pottering about in it’s shops.

I stopped by a local chocolcate shop and treated myself to some handmade chocolates before relocating to Starbucks (I know, not very exciting when you’re in a new town) to warm up for a little bit.
I didn’t really take any photos of the town, as the focus is all around the harbour and the strand, which doesn't look quite as impressive in pictures on a cloudy day!

I found a little cinema in the afternoon though and I finally got to see ‘How to train your Dragon 2’! I cried when I saw the first one, and I might have, possibly, cried during the second one! I really liked it, and it just so happens Tuesday is the cinema's cheap ticket night!

There' a big organisation moving into all the rooms tomorrow, so the two girls I was sharing with are having to move to a B&B for 3 nights, and then move back to the hostel, which is harder than it sounds when you've been living somewhere for over a month like those two. Luckily I don't have to go anywhere! 

I'm heading over to 'The Mount' tomorrow, and fingers crossed the weather magically improves as so far the forecast isn't looking promising for climbing it!

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