Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 6 Into the corromandel

I think I was the weird one in the hostel this morning – there’s always one annoying person who’s up before dawn and proceeds to spend a ridiculous time getting ready, and it’s impossible to figure out what they’re actually doing. (I managed to put a top on without putting my arms through the sleeves, and didn’t notice until after I’d put my hoodie on over the top…). Oh and on my way out I turned and accidently whacked my bag on the glass door – if they weren’t up before they certainly were now!

Being up early paid off anyway since the bus driver let me on early so I didn’t have to stand around with my bags. Once again, the weather was glorious as I was leaving Paihia. The rain storm has just been coming east, and what have I been doing? Travelling east.
I’m in Whitianga (Fit-ee- ang-ah) right now, even further east, but I have a lot more time here than I did in Kaitaia or Paihia so I don’t mind too much if I get a day of rain. There was a $5 bus deal today (which was why I had so little time in the Far North, as if I travelled today I could save $80) so the busses were completely packed – not a single spare seat on any of my buses. The smaller, local buses were just a friendly though and they always drop you off where ever you ask! Paying $5 for 11hrs journey and getting dropped off outside your hostel isn’t too shabby!

Travelling in winter isn’t always the most fun option but it has meant I currently have 6 bed dorm room to myself, and so far I’ve all the rooms have been mostly empty – always nice! The best bit has been the amount of rainbows I’ve seen.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how incredibly common rainbows are here, but since I’ve been followed by rain I’ve seen well over 20 in the last few days! On the way to Whitianga today I saw a couple of double rainbows (which are always amazing) and one where the beginning and end were clearly visible. I so wish I could have taken a photo to show you as it was just so pretty.

But I’ve been travelling for about 11hrs today so only the photos I took of the sunrise in Piahia. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get some more pictures, even if it rains!

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