Thursday, 24 July 2014


Moorea! The closest island to Tahiti and another beautiful little slice of Island paradise!
 This is the ferry station - look at the view from where you wait to board! I was lucky as it was another beautiful day, and the ferry wasn't too rough! It was about 20 minutes, and no queasiness occurred!
 The first sighting of Moorea!
 Coming into the harbour under the jagged volcanic peaks!
Once I got off the ferry it was clear that there really wasn't a lot on Moorea, there are a handful of resorts and hotels dotted at intervals along the coast but there's only really one road that runs the circumference with very little in between the hotels!
 there was also no such thing as a pavement, but the road wasn't busy, so I set off north to get to the lagoon which we saw coming in on the ferry. The deep blue of the ocean suddenly became the most amazing tropical blue once it hit some rocks and it provides great swimming!
 I think I almost died on the way, there was very little shade and it was super hot to be walking for an hour but the scenery helped! With random cars driving past with branches piled on the back
 There was also someone selling fruit from the garden out of their front garden!
 I finally got to the lagoon and it really was beautiful! The best bit? the beach was deserted! I had a strip of sand all to myself and I made the most of it!
 Testing out the water - which was very warm and perfect for swimming on such a hot day!
 It was also crystal clear like all the beaches here in the French Polynesia
 It really felt like I was on my own tropical island as there was no one around and the weather was simply perfect!
 There was also a gorgeous view out over to Tahiti!
 I eventually headed back (I didn't want to miss the last ferry) and the walk was so lovely this time (since it was a little cooler and I was feeling refreshed from the swim!

 I caught my ferry in time and then it goodbye Moorea hello rough seas!
 Quick selfie as we were leaving!
 Approaching Tahiti. it was very windy so this time I was the only one out of deck, but the sea spray always helps when I'm feeling nauseous so I didn't mind some windswept hair!

 Arriving back at Tahiti! I was just in time to jump on the shuttle and make my way back to the Resort before the sun set as I had a plan for my last evening in Tahiti!

 I ran up to my room, quickly threw on a swimming costume and then rushed down to the beach to have one final swim in Tahiti on the Radisson beach while the sunset! It was so beautiful seeing the sun set over the ocean and the perfect way to finish up this relaxing mini-break in the French Polynesia!
P.S the currency here is so pretty - there's turtles on it!

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