Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 16 Wairaka

Ok so today was super productive, but I don’t have very many pretty pictures to share. It was raining most of the today, which was kind of perfect actually. This is the first place I’ve been with good, consistent wifi and I had an absolute mountain of things I needed booked and organised before I left NZ.
I just didn’t have the time before I left uni as all my deadlines were the end of June along with my exams. So today I booked where I’m staying in New York, Toronto and Iceland as well as sent several requests for places in San Francisco. Then I booked a few domestic flights for the USA, replied to my mountain of emails, and downloaded all my e-tickets and confirmations before finally downloading all the paperwork for the Lancaster Visit Day I’m working for.
After spending a good chunk of the day in doors slaving away, the rain paused and I made the most of it! I headed down to the Harbour front and walked along to get to see the Wairaka Statue which I really wanted to see before I left.
 (a cave along the front - weirdly once I got close I just had this feeling I wasn't meant to go in)

The wind was STRONG today, I think it read 45miles per hour on the forecast before I left, and I swear it felt even stronger walking along the front! All I can say is I’m glad I’m resting my ankle on the bus tomorrow as although I was only out walking for 2ish hours, my ankle was a little sore when I got back.

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