Thursday, 24 July 2014


So Today I finally left the resort (although part of me wanted to spend another day lounging around the beach doing nothing!) and I caught the Hotel's free shuttle into Papeete!
 This is where I got dropped off! The shuttle does 2 return trips, picking up from Papeete at 12 and 5… I ended up getting into Papeete at 9 (taking the early shuttle) and leaving at 5 (taking the last one back) so it was a busy day!
First stop was one of the markets where they sold and abundance of bits and pieces, mainly touristy bits with most things having been make in Tahiti itself. These were some of the popular perfume oils that I was very tempted to buy - I managed to resist though!
 They also had bottle filled with shells so you could attempt some of their very popular shell necklaces
 These beautifully polished shells were another thing I was seriously considering tucking into my suitcase, but I didn't want to risk it not making it home!
 I finally found un-modified bananas again! I had these in Thailand, and they look just like the bananas we get in the UK but they're tiny in comparison and they taste so so so good! I obviously bought a few (although not an entire bunch!)
 I loved these shells but they were so heavy! I'm not sure how anyone could take one home!
 Oh and I loved this little straw tissue box cover! There were lots of handmade bits and pieces with a variety of bags and baskets
Since I went in the early morning I managed to wander about before it got too busy which was nice, as when I walked through late it was packed!
The market was roughly half knick-knacks and half food!
 There were also a few material shops dotted about that reminded me a lot of little india in Singapore (but much bigger and modern)
 Almost everything had some sort of focus on bread - namely baguettes! I guess its the french influence!
 After walking along the ocean front I decided to work my walk through Papeete to the Cathedral
 The weather was gorgeous in case you couldn't already tell!
 The Church was really pretty and looked amazing with the bright blue sky as a backdrop
 What I absolutely loved about the church (aside from the fact there were a lot of people in there) was that the holy water was held in a giant sea shell!!

 Also, everything was in french or Tahitian!
 I may have got a teensy bit lost and wound up at this round about! 
 I did eventually find my way back to ocean front where I pottered about 

 I decided to go back to the market to treat myself to an ice cream. And of course, I couldn't go with the conventional chocolate or pistachio.. I tried 'Tarro Root' which is a local flavour, and it was surprisingly nice! Despite being a weird colour!

 I just had time to run back to an arts market I'd seen earlier where I remembered to buy a key ring (I very nearly forgot) And I caught the shuttle back to the Resort!
I got a shell carved into the shape of a flower.
 Just in time for this beautiful sunset!

P.S people really do wear those awful gaudy hawaiian shirts!

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