Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 17 Taupo

Today wasn’t particularly interesting, since a lot of it was spent on a bus. But I’m going to ramble a little bit anyway.
Firstly, the first 2hr bus journey was hell. Utter hell. Something was clearly up with the bus but the heater was only on by our feet and it was scorching! The point I was thinking about how I would ‘drop and roll’ if I caught alight. I was also incredibly thankful I 1. Opted not to wear a skirt, I don’t think I could have handled the hot air on my legs and 2. That I wasn’t wearing my trainers, sock and closed in shoes would have killed me then and there.
I have never in my life been so glad to smell the delightfully fragrant Rotorua. That first whiff of sulphuric air meant my nightmare was drawing to close. After the excruciating long ride (where the bus was completely full) I hopped on another and made my way down to Taupo.
 McDonald's Plane!
Taupo is somewhere I’ve been meaning to come for ages, but somehow never found the time, and I’m so glad I made room for a few days here. It’s definitely a town built on Tourism and the lake, but unlike Queenstown it still feels very ‘Kiwi’ and it’s become overly commercialised.

Wandering on the beach!
Since the bus took up a lot of the day I just wandered around the hostel for a few hours, getting the ‘lay of the land’ for the next few days. Before popping to the i-site and deciding what to do for the rest of my stay. Not overly exciting I know, but I have some fun things planned for the rest of my stay!

The only night club!
P.S. The 6 bed dorm is full, 1 long termer, 1 girl from Taiwan and 3 Brazilian guys who are gross. I mean, stereotypical male teenager gross.

I have lost count of the number of boxers I’ve had to step over, sneezes that haven’t been covered, copious berps that seem to never end, and other… noxious gases they imit (I seriously wonder how they can have thatmuch air in them!) Clearly I’ve been spending the minimum amount of time in the room.

P.P.S all three of them snore, one also snorts all the time.

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