Monday, 16 December 2013

Day 44 Dog’s Stream

Today was another lovely relaxing day, despite the fact I got no sleep thanks to snoring, as the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I am worried how I’m going to survive when I get back to England for Christmas though, yesterday was what I considered a cooler day meaning I had tights and a cardigan on, yet the average temperature was 25degrees... while today was lovely at 30degrees.. I think I’m going to freeze!

It's hard to take a photo that shows how clear the water is, as the cleaner the water the shallower everything seems to look! It was past my knees though
If your wondering why it looks like this photo was taken from the middle of the stream that'd because that's where I stood (the path randomly cut across the stream!
Taking advantage of the weather I headed over to the other side of town to the pine forests and explored the lovely little stream than runs along side the town. It was so peaceful and beautiful I ended up wondering aimlessly through the forest for hours! I’m not entirely sure why it’s called Dog’s stream as it doesn’t sound particularly nice... anyway I stumbled upon a surprising little park in the middle of the forest, and with no one else around I lay down and just enjoyed the complete peace and quite until it was time to head back!

The momma bird who's obviously sat on some eggs at the moment 
Today is my last day in Hanmer and it’s gone by way too fast! It was great to just relax and do very little for a few days as I think travelling everyday is catching up to me a little bit! I finished off the day sipping a drink and reading by book on the table outside while the sun set and the little bird who’s made a nest in the hostel twittered away! 

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