Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 31 Ackers Point

Our lie in was foiled by people getting up at 5, 6, and 7, so after a frightfully early breakfast George and Cara set off on their walk to Maori beach while I lingered in the lounge meeting some absolutely lovely people who have all made Bunker’s their home, the friendliness was amplified by a lovely Italian gentleman called Albert and the Welsh manager, Jacqui. After spending longer than intended chatting I set off on my own walk.
 I'm never going to get over these kiwi road signs!
  One of the hundreds of different types of ferns on the Island which are special for the Maori

 This bird was actually really, really big, and looks like a giant colourful pigeon?
 This pretty much summarises alot of my walks here - stairs, stairs and more stairs!

Spot the Parrot! One of the parrots hiding behind a tree, then peeking it's head around making a loud noise and then hiding it's head again!

 Beautiful Watercress Beach
After doing such a mixture of walks yesterday there was no particular track I wanted to follow as I’d already walked sections of them all, so instead I opted to do a couple of the hour long walks, reveling in the vast differences between the landscape of Queenstown, which was almost entirely native scrub or introduced species and as such was strangely familiar, the drier and harsher countryside of Able Tasman and the incredibly lush walks around Marlborough. Stewart Island foliage just feels tropical, that’s the best word I can come up with. It was also everything I was promised in terms of wildlife. I’d barely been in the forest for 10 minutes before encountering all sorts of birds, most of which I’m at a loss for names. Included one black bird that hopped in front me along the whole path for over half an hour and only left because I’d gotten to the end of my walk!
 I'm not entirely sure what's on the rocks but in the bright midday sun they glistened and looked as though they had been liberally splashed with liquid gold. Strange and beautiful

 This pair made me smile. After walking over the island and seeing so many rare, quirky, endangered and exotic birds I stumble across some mallards - just goes to show they really get around!

 Spot the little bird!

I couldn't resist more photos of the endless stairs on all the walks!
One of my favorite walks was the Acker’s Point one which took me past Harold’s Bay, fisherman point and finishes at Acker’s Point with the lighthouse. This was the highlight of the day as it was a really beautiful walk, although it was, entirely up hill.

 Harrold Bay and Acker's Stone House

 Fisherman's Point

 I certainly noticed the smell!
On my way back into Oban I stopped off at their tiny, but jammed pack museum on the area.

This was the star of the show as there's only three in the world, a necklace made of dolphin teeth
Today has mostly been spent walking and enjoying the wildlife finished off with dinner at the kiwi-french (weird combination I know) crepery where I had a savory crepe which was strange, but delicious after walking all day.
Tomorrow is the ferry back to the mainland and none of us our really looking forward to it now we know what we’ve let ourselves in for!

P.S Pictures are coming, internet has just become a rare commodity 

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