Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Day 29 Invercargill

 Today was a planning day. We booked our ferry tickets for tomorrow to Stewart Island, after the woman so charmingly told us its one of the roughest passages to take in the world and it’s meant to be super windy, rainy and generally terrible weather tomorrow - which we were obviously thrilled to hear.

After booking the tickets me and George went into a Roman exhibition at the museum which was really interesting, and surprisingly good and informative, if a little lacking in details

A water clock!

Then we did some minor explorations of the ‘city’. We went in on a Saturday, in the run up to Christmas and over half the shops were closed. We're assuming it's because it's a farming community meaning the population work when they choose, so Saturdays aren't such big deals. We walked around in the wind and the rain for a bit before buying some bits and pieces for Stewart Island and a BBQ then giving up by heading back to the farm.
We did have a barbeque which was fun, if hectic as everything started cooking too fast, and I tried holumi (which is Cara’s second favour food after chocolate) and is basically cheese that has a 'squeaky' texture when cooked. 

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