Saturday, 14 December 2013

Day 37 Edoras

We managed to score a 4 bed share room for just the two of us last night so we had a really good night sleep – getting more than 6 hours is becoming a rarity. Then we quickly checked out and set off towards Mt Summers and the gravel road that would eventually lead us to the platau where Edoras was filmed in The Lord of The Rings!
 There were no signs to take up to Mt Sunday and it only appears on a handful of maps, again, every place seems to have several different names and occasionally, as in this case, things just aren’t on a lot of maps. Anyway we took a road which looked as if it was in roughly the right direction, via a strange detour through private property… oops.

 Yes I made Axel pull over and then I stood in the middle of the road to take a picture... never going to quite get used to how deserted the roads are! 
 The terrible gravel path that resulted in us both having sore heads
 (it was so bouncy we often bit our heads on the roof of the car no matter how slow we went...)

 Anyway we saw some amazing landscapes but we didn’t make it all the way for 2 reasons, we still weren’t sure we were on the right road and didn’t want to carry on for hours in the wrong direction, and the road was terrible for the car. They do run tours to the spot and one passed us… it had 6 wheels and was still taking it very slow. After that we figured we weren’t too fussed about the mountain itself it was more just seeing the landscape in person, since in the films they used lots of different areas for the filming.

Today was filled with beautiful views as we were treated to this on the drive into Akaroa!

After that little detour it was off to Akaroa! All the hostels in the small French town were fully booked (there was only 2 actually) but we found a little farm-based hostel out in the country side. It’s up on the top of a hill so haslovely views of the harbor and to top it off has great walks all around the ridge. 

P.S I'm about 5 days behind with posting stuff on here, I've written my daily entries and the like but it's a nightmare trying to get hold of internet!

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