Sunday, 15 December 2013

Day 39 Onuku Farm

Today was spent exploring Onuka Farm which the hostel sits on, as not only is it the perfect point for a lot of walks but it’s set in some beautiful grounds, the inside is pretty welcoming too. Translation being, I spent the day in a hammock reading and enjoying the views before monitoring a game of scrabble between Karin and Axel (which was amusing as I was the only one with English as my first language).
 The view from the kitchen

 Once evening started to fall Juliet made an apple pie, the smell of which saturated the whole house and inspired me, Axel and Karin to make our own! A quick trip into Akaroa for flour and cinnamon led to us making a Swedish Apple Pie – the recipe coming from Axel, obviously. It was kind of like an apple crumble, and delicious.

 Before we popped in the oven 
 We had it out on the veranda with several other lovely people from the hostel with fresh vanilla ice cream. Pretty perfect end to a perfect day. It’s also ours, Karins, and Tula and Bob’s last night here so it coincidentally served as a farewell-meal-sort-of-thing.

I was surprised how lovely and amazing everyone was at Bunkers, on Stewart Island, and the same thing has happened here. I’ve met some life long friends who I feel ridiculously close to, even though we’ve actually only known each other a day or so! I’m finally understanding why Mark, from Queenstown, said the most memorable thing about his time in New Zealand was the people he’d met, and I’m starting to agree. Although the scenery is still jostling for first place. 

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