Sunday, 1 December 2013

Day 26 Glenorchy

Another beautiful sunny day in Queenstown led to a lovely morning walk down the lake to Frankton, along the golf course and through some beautiful scenery. Perfect way to start the day!

(Winston Churchill's Boat in WWII)

Once everyone else was up we went to the iSite, a kind of tourist information centre they have in most towns, and booked some bits and pieces now we could be reasonably sure we’d have at least two days of sunshine. Me and Axel booked to go on a 4x4 tour of the region which showcases alot of scenery used in various films with particular attention to the Lord of the Rings. And then we all booked an exciting trip for tomorrow!

I'm blaming the water in Queenstown but regardless of the why, all our hair has gone a little crazy since being here so ignore the crazy monstrosity on my head in this photo...
After lots of interesting stop offs at different cliffs, roads, bridges, and a whole host of interesting stories and facts from our tour guide about everything in the area, from cow breeding, horses, the formation of the landscape as well as funny stories from various films we stopped at an idylic spot for a picnic. And while there these two fellows walked over to join us

 I attempted a panoramic sort of shot which has kind of worked I think 

 Some random cows milling out in the road.. pretty standard for New Zealand
 The driver pulled over in a forest and gave us all a tiny bit of leaf asked if we liked spicy food and then told us to try it... well 6hrs later the tip of mine and Axel's tongues are still completely numb!

The 4x4 tour was really fun, we saw some amazing scenery, I spent a good portion of the trip just soaking up the scenery, trying to place where I’d seen everything before and the rest chatting to our amazing tour guide. The tour guide was hilarious and really knowledge so he explained the importance of Jade to Maoris, how traditional tattooing is done as well as lots of information on the landscape.
This is one of my favourite views from Queenstown and this spot will probably we one of the lasting memories I take from my time here

I finally went to Agies Shack for dinner when I got back, then it was a quick stop off at the supermarket to buy some supplies in for the next few days, and an adventure in the kitchen making fruit pancakes with George and Cara before trying to get an early night as we had a ridiculously early start tomorrow morning! 

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