Sunday, 15 December 2013

Day 40 The Hobbit

Rain was forecast all over the peninsula today and for once the weatherman was right - luckily our plans were relatively minimal. After lots of goodbyes to everyone at the hostel me and Axel set off Christchurch. We got to Christchurch pretty quickly but then we had to attempt to locate the hostel.. and that didn't go so smoothly. I’m not sure why, as the layout of the city on various maps looks very clear, but Christchurch is a labyrinth! A labyrinth I tell you! We were going in circles for ages, and I’ve no idea why as it was supposed to be so easy…

We did eventually get to the hostel and check in, we didn’t stop for too long as vagabond’s though as we drove to the Palms, a sort of shopping centre, where we picked up our tickets for the night and whiled away our time in a coffee shop (where else?) and they sold the zingy-est homemade lemonade I’ve ever tried. After a quick dinner we headed back to the hostel where we both fell soundly asleep. The idea was to get a nap in before the film, but both of us underestimated how tired we were and slept for much longer than planned!
Anyway, we went to see the midnight premier of the Hobbit! I’ve never gone to the midnight viewing of anything before and we both wanted to be some of the first people to see the film, and to see it in NZ so… 1 minute past midnight on the 12th it was!

After the film I just about made it into bed before I fell asleep! 

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