Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 34 The Catlins

We were woken up by sheep that decided that standing right next to our tents ‘baa-ing’ was the perfect way to wake up sleepy campers. The morning was beautiful though and we spent it on the beach soaking up our surroundings, listening to music and having breakfast. We’d only planned to spend the morning there but we spent a good portion of the afternoon too as it was so peaceful and beautiful.

 I love how the tropical forest just merged with fields and the beach 
The weird rocks that occasionally peeked through the golden sand 
After yesterday’s ‘incident’ George won’t drive on gravel roads unless absolutely necessary (by that he means he’ll drive us from the campsite to the main road but no further) so once we finally left Purakanui Bay we just drove to the falls, which are on the path back to the main road. They were beautiful and we dawdled there for, again, longer than planned. Mainly because me and Axel decided to scramble over the rocks to see it up close.

Next up was Nugget Point, George drove us half way there then we parked up Bernard and all jumped into Axel and Cara’s car to get to the point as it was on gravel roads. It was on the drive to Nugget Point that the weather seemed to suddenly shift and the previously clear blue skies turned overcast. The weather didn’t really detract from the short walk to the lighthouse or the ‘nuggets’ though as the views were pretty spectacular.   
 On our way to Nugget Point
 The lighthouse from the beginning of the walk

 My favourite photo of the lighthouse and the nuggets
 The 'Nuggets'
 Axel in his standard pose 
(And showing off his glasses tan line!)

We didn’t spend too long at Nugget Point, just enough to enjoy the views without getting cold, before heading off to Dunedin. The weather seemed to miraculously clear up as we approached Dunedin, proving the phrase that Dunedin gets all four seasons in a day pretty true. We found our hostel pretty quickly for once and checking in we made ourselves at home in the 12 bed room which we have to ourselves in the old house, stroking and playing with the three resident cats.

 Entering Dunedin 

Diesel one of the resident cuties!

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