Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Day 28 Travelling Southern Otago

Today was the day we finally waved goodbye to Queenstown, the week here has been crazy and we leave it dried up (our skin, hair and bank balances) but already wishing we could go back! It was somehow fitting that it was drizzly again, and probably the coldest day since we got here so we were all quietly glad that we were going to spending most of the day in a warm car looking out at the rain and the countryside!

As for the scenery on the way down to Invercargill it was the most similar to back home that I’ve seen so far in New Zealand, lots of pastoral and farming land with a select few gently sloping hills in the distance – I think the rain probably played a rather large part in reminding me of home! As usual the radio stations were appalling, I mean truly terrible – remind me to never complain about the radio back in England ever again. But since Cara was travelling with us (axel is staying another day in Queenstown) we had speakers cue a Taylor Swift marathon sing along.

I braved a few photos but it was just too rainy and the landscape was predominantly flat so there wasn’t a great deal to photograph! We got to Invercargill much quicker than expected but it’s probably a good thing we did as we kind of overlooked the fact that the biggest thing that happens in Invercargill was happening this weekend, meaning accommodation was practically none existent. The Burt Monro Race was on. Monro was a crazy Invercargill-ian who broke the land speed record and as such every year hundreds of motorcyclists gather to compete in this sort of race thing. I have never seen so many motorcycles in one place before.

We did eventually get accommodation, we ended up on a farm, half an hour from Invercargill centre but it was very cute and because it was so far out we got a 8 bed room to ourselves and the place was very quiet with just a few very cool American bikers who were celebrating thanks giving. The facilities were surprisingly good considering it was a farm and we spent the evening snuggled up in the ‘barn’ with our books and a roaring fire to keep us warm – it was the most wintery day to date.

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