Sunday, 1 December 2013

Day 25 Lake Cruise & Bob’s Peak

Treating ourselves to going out for breakfast seems to be turning into a bit of a habit! Today’s choice was a lovely chocolate shop on the lake front where we all started the day with a full on sugar high after our incredibly decadent treat. To make the morning even better, just as we were finishing off our breakfast the weather seemed to magically clear! I ran out to the lake and booked myself a cruise for the early afternoon, and crossed my fingers that the weather would hold. I’m glad I booked early as the warmer the weather got the bigger the queue became!

I had an hour or so to kill before my cruise so I took the opportunity to walk around the bay in the sunshine.
The iconic coal burner 
looking back over Queenstown CBD 

My view while I waited for the boat to dock
The cruise was very informative as the driver seemed to know everything there was to know about the lake, including interesting facts, funny stories, lots of history, as well as countless other bits and pieces about the architecture fronting the lake and the animals which live on it, such as the fact the water is so pure it doesn't conduct electricity... The views from the lake were pretty gorgeous too.

Feeding the Trout, there's 3 different types in the lake apparently with the californian rainbow trout being the most aggressive

Voted one of the top ten most scenic golf courses in the world

The new Hilton Hotel
 The famous bridge - there's a whole story surrounding these gates involving two men basically single handedly flooding Queenstown while they went on holiday!

On the left is the expensive section of Queenstown where most houses cost a few million while on the right is the 'dark side' of Queenstown as it goes 3 months without any sun because of the mountains

As soon as I stepped off the boat Axel rang me asking what I was up to as he had given up trying to find the music shop he had been searching for. We opted to go up the gondolas to the top of Bob’s Peak. I’d really wanted to walk it but people had warned us not to do it right after a heavy rain as the path can be treacherous so we just paid to have the cable car ride to the top. The views were stunning!

Once we got to the top and walked around a little bit we went to sit down to soak up the views some more when we found a rather muddy and exhausted Cara and George – they’d braved the walk and looked rather worse for wear for it! So we shared some chips and a drink and spent the rest of the day admiring the views and exploring the lake in the sunshine, finished off with us all stopping off at Fergburger again!

P.S it’s so weird seeing ‘seasons greeting’ and ‘merry Christmas’ lights in windows when it’s 30 degrees and the sun is blazing down… just strange! 

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