Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Day 32 Ferry & Regrouping

Today hasn’t been super interesting, we got up early, checked out. Or at least attempted to. Jacqui got the job she wanted up by Mt Cook and her boyfriend meaning she’s leaving Bunker’s for good tomorrow, and Albert and John are leaving on our ferry today so it was a weird sort of parting. Anyway John carried Albert’s bags for him down to the ferry and we all hugged and said our goodbyes – very strange to think we’ve only known each other a day or so! Bunker’s was the friendliest hostel by far where we all felt right at home, in part because of the amazing people but also the hostel itself which was relaxed and inviting.

The ferry was, once again, interesting. This time I just plugged my music in, sat outside and tried to not think about the great whites swimming beneath me, the salty spray drenching everyone on board and the feeling that the ship was hopelessly failing at it’s attempt to deliver us to dry land. A guy lost his hat, several people got completely and utterly drenched (Cara included), the luggage came loose from it’s ties as the sea was so rough we were all being thrown in the air, I nearly lost my backpack to the waves, George hit his head and looked green throughout the trip, Albert nearly fell over board... I think interesting is a good word to describe the trip.

An adorable little lamb at the farm
Once back in Bluff we had a minor problem getting the car, in that we lost the ticket we needed to pay and get the car out… After Cara had a few cross words with the woman we got it sorted though and headed back to Invercargill. We found Axel who had finally made it out of Queenstown (Queenstown in a black hole, you have to escape before it gets your claws into you! Half the people we met there had only planned to spend a night yet had been there for months) and he’d brought down three hitchhikers for good measure. We decided to go back to the farm we’d stayed at previously as a lot of the hostels were still booked up and we knew it was lovely there. After another BBQ we had a bit of an early night in our old 8bed room to ourselves and planned tomorrow’s adventure.
Tomorrow is another early start off to the Catlins!

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