Friday, 1 November 2013

Packing Up and Shipping Out

Where has this semester gone?!
This will be my last post from my room in Student Village as tomorrow morning (we get kicked out at 10) I’ll be leaving Waikato University and my first semester behind me as I set off down to wellington and officially start my New Zealand Road Trip!!

This past week has been crazy. I love my to-do lists and I write them all the time to make sure I get everything done but to-do lists went out the window this week as each list was pages and pages long! But me and George now officially own a car! I’ve officially had my last exam and handed in my last assignment! And I’ve officially packed my entire life into a suitcase again!

Apart from all the exams, essays and packing it’s also been a really fun week. We went for cocktails at Easy Tiger, quiet drinks at Little George, had an amazing Halloween Night Out and went for a lovely meal with my pod!
 Me and Tash
 Me and Axel (with his amazing fake tattoos that I scribbled on him for his costume!)
Me and Lulu

Our attempt at getting a group photo before going out!
(Caitlin, Me, Amanda, Tash, Axel, Lulu)
At the house Party before town!
 All dolled up for our meal at Iguana (which was delicious)
Because there's always a hundred weird photos for every good one of us together! 

I've had an amazing time at Student Village, and although there's been a fair few lows overall I've had a great time and met some very cool people. But I'm more than ready to move out and start my Kiwi Adventure with full force! 

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