Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 14. Able Tasman

For some reason we were all completely exhausted this morning. No idea why as we did practically nothing, except eat, sunbathe and sleep, yesterday. Regardless the result was waking up late and then driving to Marahau to attempt to arrange some sort of trip to Abel Tasman (most of the trips start before 8am which most certainly weren't in time for). After lots of weighing up of our options we all decided to go on the scenic boat trip which takes you up and down the coast and offers you the chance to see seals, penguins and all the beautiful coves, bays and beaches which make up this stretch of the Coast. 

First stop was the Split Apple Rock that is meant to be something of a symbol of the National Park
Split Apple Rock
Entering the National Park

Despite it being cloudy the scenery was still no less impressive

We saw this random woman chasing a seagull around the beach for over 5 minutes!

 There're lots of arches and holes within the granite coast which are constantly growing
a 'Little Blue' Penguin
 A flock of 'Shags'

 Spot the Seals!

The Sand is the craziest colour!

Able Tasman was beautiful and I'm planning to come back tomorrow and do one of the walks along the coast while George and Axel are heading back to Nelson in the morning.
Really can't wait to walk and see some of this coast in more detail tomorrow!

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