Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 2. Wifi & the Harbor

After a bit if a lie in we got up and headed to the local supermarket (new world) and bought a few bits and pieces for lunch and dinner as were going to try and not eat out all the time - pasta and sald tonight.

Once we had a bite to eat we headed out to a local coffee shop because we only get one hour internet at the hostel which is PAINFULLY slow and we wanted to check our emails and the usual bits and pieces (I now know I've passed at least two of my papers with As)

After we sat down with our coffee and spread out all our travel guides and leaflets to plan our time in Wellington we found our there's a difference between hotspots and hotzones so our internet just expired after 5 minutes of googling! After being a little resourceful we managed to come up with a bit of a plan. Then we headed down to the harbor (which is only 10 minutes from our hostel) and into the city centre. Wellington looks so much more vibrant than Hamilton, although there weren't that many people about since it's a Sunday and everything shuts down on a Sunday in NZ. Can't wait to explore more of the city!

 My Favourite picture of the day

George's finished concoction 

P.S after we got back to the hostel and cooked dinner (which was a fiasco) we went to Tui, the local pub, and had a quiet drink and chat about what we want for the summer which was a great way to finish off the day!

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