Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 4. Cable Cars and Cuba

First adventure of the day was finding the cable cars as we set off from the hostel without bothering to find a map – figuring the best way to get to know a city is to just walk it and get a little lost (Axel and George didn’t agree with me and Cara on this one). We found the cable cars really easily, after nearly getting run over, and got the student fare so instead of it being $6 return (which is really cheap anyway) we got it for $2.50!

The distinctive red cable car ride only took 5-10 minutes but it took us to the top of a ridiculously steep hill and up to beautiful views over Wellington (Mount Victoria is on the other side of Wellington). After a couple of pictures we went up to the observatory and just sat down on the grass at the top of a hill overlooking the city and just soaked up the sun and the views.

After chatting and lounging about for an hour or so me and Axel set of to find Cuba street! It’s just a street filled with some more alternative shops, nearly everything was privately owned and it was really fun window shopping and dawdling in the ‘op-shops’, flipping through the pages of some old books and browsing the menus of various cafes and bistros. We finished our afternoon on Cuba street with a drink in one of the many coffee shops, and just whiled away the hot midday sun in the shade sipping our drinks.

After wandering the city for another hour or so we bumped into Cara and George again and we set off in hunt of dinner, there was sun race on tonight, and obviously it’s bonfire night too, so most of the restaurants were packed! 

P.S pictures are on there way they're just a pain to upload!

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