Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 23 Hung Over & Hunger Games

This morning was a slow one.

We had an amazing and eventful night out last night, as Queenstown night life is definitely something! We ended up meeting a big group of cool people from our hostel and going to a house party, where there were easily a few hundred people, and then into town!

We didn’t leave the hostel until early afternoon, as it took a while for us all to be functioning enough to walk down to Vudu CafĂ© and treat ourselves to breakfast out. Claudilia joined us, she met George and Cara yesterday when they went on a walk when she took a photo of them and invited them round to hers for coffee and cake then she went out with us last night.
After a delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch we headed to the lakeside walk for a while, the weather was pretty cloudy and windy today, and I forgot my camera, but the view from the lake is just so lovely. Slowly falling head over heels for Queenstown. Me and Axel then headed up to the botanical gardens, which are beautiful, and spent the afternoon wandering around the gardens chatting away and looking at all the different types of birds they have here.

Next up was to find a cinema and check out the times for Hunger Games. We found a tiny little cinema in the heart of Queenstown, where we watched Hunger Games, and then we pretty much just crawled into bed.  The weather forecast isn’t promising so we might have to postpone a lot of our planned activities, not that we’re particularly bothered as Queenstown is beautiful rain or shine. 

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