Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Day 12. WOW & The Beach Shed Cafe

Today has been a really good day, after a lovely lie in, a late lunch and then a general pottering around the hostel, reading books, planning the next stage of the trip etc. Axel came to pick me up (after Bernard needed another charge - that's a story for another time) and we set off to the WOW.
The World of Wearable Art Museum didn't allow photos but you'll just have to take my word for it being pretty cool. I really enjoyed looking at the pieces and trying to understand the inspiration and purpose of the various fabrics and designs (Axel got a little bored and went to explore the classic car museum which was included in the price - a very tactical choice)

We didn't spend 'that' long there, so next we drove to the beach. I don't even know how many hours we lost here. All I can say is one minute it was midday, the next early evening. It's a beautiful beach though and the water was actually surprisingly warm!
Walking down to the beach


Needless to say we decided to go out for coffee, since that's where me and Axel always end up. So we decided to go to the Beach Shed Cafe as it was highly recommended in the guide book. Once we got there it began clear it was definitely more of a restaurant than a cafe, but we ordered some drinks and one thing led to another... Originally we were just going to have our drinks, but then the entrees looked so good (and there were oysters!) so we ordered an entree as a snack. But then the mains menu was done (they do it daily) and again everything was so tempting... In the end we had a three course meal with coffee and mints.
Not quite the coffee and cake we were planning but it was delicious!
The Beach Shed Cafe
How it all started with a simple Chai Latte...
 The entrees!
My mushroom, feta, chilli and mint brochette and Axel's beef thing. 
The Oysters!
And I've discovered I actually really quite like oysters! (I can tick trying oysters off on my 21 before 21 list now too)
 The Crayfish was recommended a lot by our waiter (who is currently living at Axel's hostel and is from London so we chatted a lot) so I went for it. It was delicious however I forgot it had coriander and I forgot how much I detest coriander...
Axel's grilled prawns and pasta thing - it was delicious
My vanilla panecotta and rhubarb which was so good
The view!
Our stroll along the coast after dinner had some amazing views 

 a sign for PENGUINS!!

Tomorrow is our last day in Nelson before we head up the coast, it's been a lovely break before Able Tasman but we'll be back before we know it to pick up Cara (who arrives from sailing on the 17th)

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