Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 5. Te Papa

Today was all about the Museum, stretching over 6 floors it’s huge but apart from the size it’s got a lot of interactive exhibits so we spent hours there and even spending all that time I don’t think we even covered it all. There was a lot on the formation of New Zealand, geologically, as well as information on it’s climate, environment and all it’s endangered animals. I definitely enjoyed the sociological exhibits the lost and I loved learning more about Maori culture and history.

 There were lots of Maori Quotes around which I loved.
What is given by the land should return to the land
The Weather also took a turn for the worse, with all the storm clouds which have been lingering threateningly on the horizon finally making their move meaning one thing, rain. Although I spent most of the day inside the museum staying warm and dry I did venture back to Cuba street as I just love the quirky, independently owned shops there. I didn’t buy anything, mainly because I know if I do I’ll just have to cart it around the South Island, but there were a lot of tempting bits and pieces. There’s an abundance of cafes and Op-Shops (from what I can tell these are basically charity shops but privately owned and often carrying vintage and designer pieces) as well as an old fashioned record store and quite a few vegetarian and vegan restaurants (which it always nice!)
I picked up a bubble tea while walking around, as I’d heard about them and really wanted to try one! They’re weird, I got the watermelon flavor, it was nice, just strange
And then we spent the rest of the afternoon/early evening playing monopoly with Alex (Another guy sharing our room from France) while it rained outside. Ferry to the South Island tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to as it’s meant to be really bad weather!
The sign on the doors to the hotel - it really is the Windy City!

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