Saturday, 2 November 2013

Day 1. George's Breakdown

After I got up bright and early I had a bit of a rushed morning, but by 10am I was checked out of Student village with my life squashed into a suitcase and our new car all packed up.

(Moving out of Student Village)

That’s where problem number 1 occurred. George woke up later (9am) and then proceeded to skype everybody instead of packing. (But after a lot of tearful goodbyes and me and Axel helping George pack we named our lovely car Bernard and set off.)
Problem number 2. We couldn’t find the button to open the fuel cap so had to call tom, this was a minor problem in comparison to everything else.
Problem 3. Axel and Cara’s car broke down and we had to get Amanda to come save the car.
Problem 4. There were crossed wires about which supermarket we were going to and ended up all over the place.

Problem 5. George yelled down the phone at Axel ‘‘because axel was stupid and didn’t tell him what he wanted on his sandwich’’
Problem 6. A teenager ran at our car while we were driving and popped the hood – not to mention scared us half to death

(This was our view when we realised Bernard was going through petrol exceptionally quick)

Problem 7. George scratched a car (we left a note)
Problem 8. Our $50 of fuel disappeared after an hour and we had a panic about whether or not it was leaking
Problem 9. We realized it wasn’t leaking but worse, Bernard does through petrol VERY quickly
(Desert Road)
Problem 10. We lost sight of Cara and Axel, who we were following and got lost.
Problem 11. We got to Wellington and realized the hostel was right in the CBD and there was absolutely no where to park
Problem 12. We lost Axel and Cara again.
Problem 13. George can’t park
Problem 14.  We found out there was a cancellation policy that was more expensive that just staying the five nights we booked.
Problem 15. We realized we’d have to wake up at 7am to move the car (this was resolved as we’ve found something of a solution)
Problem 15. All the restaurants were closed when we got here at 11 and we were starving
Problem 16. Me and George went up to the top of building looking for our room (our room is 406 and 100s were on the first floor..)
Problem 17. When we got to the top we realized our room was actually on the ground floor….
Problem 18.  Wifi at the hostel isn’t free any more, as of yesterday.
Problem 19. George had over-packed/packed the complete wrong things
Problem 20. I realized George is the most stressful driver I’ve ever encountered.

The landscape seems to change every 5 minutes!
We’re safely settled into the hostel now though and hopefully tomorrow won’t involve me laughing at and trying to calm down George so much! I should also mention the view driving down was BEAUTIFUL! And Wellington has the most perfect location as it’s based around a harbor on a hill side, can’t wait to explore it tomorow

I wish I'd taken more pictures as I didn't take any of the Lake nor the mount but we'll be be heading back that way so I'll take some then :)

P.S George has decided to a baseball bat to keep in the car... as that will surely help his road rage 

P.P.S We all got into bed and George realised his was the only bunk in the whole room without a ladder, cue an ever so elegant climb into bed for George  

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