Sunday, 10 November 2013

Day 8. Kenepuru and Mistletoe Bay

Hello from inside a tent!

After saying goodbye to Axel we set off in hunt of Kenepuru road. We found it reasonably easily, after a minor detour because we missed the turn off and there was nowhere to turn around, however I almost wish we hadn’t! We thought Queen Charlotte Drive was twisty…  well it has nothing on Kenepuru.

 The ducks here have no fear, and a couple of birds have even gotten into the tent!

We actually had to stop the car twice and pull over because it felt like we were on a rollercoaster. Not only was it mildly terrifying, considering there was a sheer cliff with no barrier on one side, the roads weren’t properly tarmacked, there were signs for landslides everywhere and half the road collapsed down the cliff but the road turns so much, I don’t think there was a single point we were going in a straight line. (it’s a good thing Bernard is an automatic as I honestly don’t know how you’d do some of these roads with a manual as you’d constantly be changing gears)

We were planning to get up to Cowshed Bay near the top of Kenepuru Sound but we just couldn’t take more than an hour or so on Kenepuru road so we’ve stopped off at Mistletoe Bay. The eco-village here is very idyllic and incredibly peaceful.

George set up the tent, which certainly isn’t a ‘three-person’, perhaps a one and a half. Dinner was interesting as we didn’t bring any plates or cups with us as every hostel we’ve been too had supplied some… needless to say making soup failed. Sandwiches it is.

Mistletoe Bay is beautiful with a couple of lovely walks, but we’re only planning to stay the one night and set of tomorrow, perhaps after a quick jump in the water, up Kenepuru road again. The joys.

P.S I’ve never heard so many weird birdcalls before! 

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