Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 3. Mount Victoria & Weta

After another lie in me and Axel went up to Mount Victoria, a point just above Wellington that's meant to give some if the best views of the city. It really was a great view in that you could see the whole harbor and the city - it was also a pretty lovely day as although there were clouds it was really warm.
 The View 
(My favourite picture from Mount Victoria)
 The Track down to the city
Wellington City
 Wellington lives up to it's name - The Windy City!
The harbour and the city 
Next up we drove to Weta Workshops, the place where a lot of the prosthetics and props were made for The Lord of the rings. We watched a demo video and then got a tour around the work shop and it was really surprising just how many films they've worked on; not just LOTR but avatar, the last Sumerian, iron man, tin tin, narnia... We weren't allowed to take photos inside but I did get one with the trolls from the hobbit outside Weta Cave!
 Just ignore my hair in these pictures.. By the time we got to Weta I'd given up

The drive from the workshop back to the hostel took us along the harbor road and after parking the car back at the hostel we walked back down and just enjoyed the mini beach and harbor views for a while.
The mini beach

For dinner we all headed off to in search of the Mediterranean Food Warehouse (a restaurant that runs cookery courses and sells wholesale food as well as meals) as there was a deal on Mondays and it sounded really good! The map however took us on a massive detour up endless hills, after over an hours we finally found it! The place was very quirky as it was basically 8-9 tables in the middle of a shop surrounded by shelves of food. The food was delicious as they had a proper wood burning stove for the pizzas, and it was a complete bargain. On the way back we ignored the map and decided to trust our own sense if direction and we ended up back at the hostel in under 20minutes!

P.S back at the hostel we went into out room to find a man stood there in his underwear, which was a bit if a surprise, and now the room is really smelly...

P.P.S he also snores

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