Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Umm Suqueim

On my last day in Dubai I really wasn't feeling too well so I didn't plan on doing too much, the morning was spent sunbathing on the roof for the last time before wandering the neighbourhood down to the creek again and I explored an indoor Souq where I managed to find a Banteel Shop! 

I'm so glad I popped in, their dates were recommended multiple times and the lady helped me pick out what I wanted from the dizzying array of different types of dates, fillings, preserves and date truffles. It was really fun, and an experience to try the 7 different types of dates they offer as well as some of their other gourmet treats! I picked up some Kholas and Khidri dates with caramelised pecans!
After a brief respite from the blazing midday sun in my room packing, I caught a taxi to Umm Suqueim Beach near the Al Arab Burj. The sky had started to cloud over and the wind pick up but it was still beautiful on the beach - Dubai has the most amazing sand!
The Al Arab Burh
After walking along the beach I waded into the warm crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf

I had planned to catch a taxi back to the hotel once I'd finished on the beach as when I fist got to the beach there were loads parked up waiting but when I went to catch one they were all gone, every single one of them.. Cue a 4hr long walk along Jumeirah rd. 
I stumbled across kite beach along the way, a largely deserted space but which was lovely and tranquil

The view looking back at the Al Arab Burj
After this photo I ended up having to walk through the 'Fisherman District' which wasn't particularly fun.. lets just say it looked pretty run down with lots of fishermen lounging on the broken driftwood and ripped sheets staring at me as I walked past. Uncomfortable doesn't quite cover it. 
The only piece of graffiti that I saw in the whole of Dubai!
I began to get a little worried once the sun began to set as it was at least another 3-4hrs walk back to the hotel (that's if I was lucky and I could cross the roads) the bus service didn't seem to run anywhere near my hotel, and my attempts to hail a taxi had well and truly failed. 

Long story short, I took my hair down from it's bun and when I went to try and get a taxi the first one that drove past stopped... Not quite sure what to make of that, when my hair was up at least 10 empty taxis drove past refusing to stop... 

Anyway I got back to my hotel safe and sound and decided to treat myself by ordered room service (I just couldn't be bothered walking to the supermarket half an hour way). I'm pretty much all packed and ready to go - tomorrow Singapore!

(Actually I'll get to Singapore the day after tomorrow as my flight takes so long, so today dubai, tomorrow travelling, and then singapore!)

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